Riding the Highland Trail

I have done many physical challenges over the years. In 2011, I cycled around the world. I have completed a standard ironman triathlon, then another ironman with Ben Nevis as part of the final marathon. Lots of other cycling adventures have taken me over the highest road in the world and across Mongolia and I’ve completed many other events and challenges. I have completed a lot of very difficult physical challenges but if you were to ask me what is the hardest thing I have ever done; I would instantly reply; the Highland Trail 550. I have never pushed my body as far as I did on the HT550. I finished the event exhausted, broken, unable to drive my van and with very swollen ankles with 550 miles of spectacular Scottish scenery behind me. It was perhaps the most rewarding week of cycling I have ever done. Bikepacking is a wonderful way to squeeze a big adventure into a small space of time. Now that my wife, Laura and I have children, I don’t have the time to do longer trips anymore. This is the new way for me to get my dose of adventure. Despite finding it so difficult, I will ride it again as soon as I can.