Notes on visas

Useful visa information for travelers going through Asia (this is now out of date as it is based on my experience in 2011)


90 day visa on point of entry, 10 quid. Got it at border


90 day visa from London, got before start date, 55 quid.


Went through an online agency and it didn't work. Apparently easier to get in an embassy in Europe. Went through the Caucuses instead


5 day transit visa seems most likely and 10-14 day waiting time. Decided not to go to Turkmenistan and go through Kazakhstan instead. Easy enough to get 5 days if you don't mind waiting, longer than this very difficult.


Got one month visa from Istanbul in 4 days. 80 dollars. Possible to get it on the same day if you pay 110 dollars and put urgent on the online application form. You have to do an online form uzbek embassy online. Opening times are 10 - 12 then 3 - 5, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Didn't have to leave passport and no LOI was neccesary.


No embassy in Istanbul. Got visa in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Got same day with Pamir Highway permit, 80 dollars.


Got it in Istanbul in 3 days. 80 dollars. Very helpful embassy. Open from 10 - 12 and 2 - 5 but the opening times don't actually mean anything because they seem to open late every day. Didn't have to leave passport and no LOI.


Got first one in Istanbul in 5 days then got second one in Tashkent in one day. Have to register the visa in nearest registry office (there is one in Aktau and one in Almaty if you go that way). You can spend 5 days in Kazakhstan without registering visa.


31 day visa for 50 quid. Have to apply by post (need 2nd passport). Meant that I couldn't get to Russia because the idiotic British passport people wouldn't let me have a second passport "threat to national security"!


30 day visa for 40 quid, can get in Almaty. Didn't go in the end because couldn't transit Russia.


Got a 3 month visa in one day at the embassy in Tashkent. Don't let them know you're a cyclist though! 100 dollars for Brits.


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