Cycling websites

Here are some websites from people I met on the trip and other cycle tourists:

Nino - (in German but lots of pictures)

I cycled with Nino from Austria to Istanbul and he was great company.

Andreas and Johanna - (Also in German)

Nino and I cycled with these guys for a morning in Hungary. They are on a 3 year trip around the world

Mark and Camille - (French)

We cycled together through the Uzbek desert - great company

Robbie Sage -

I was at Edinburgh University with Robbie and he's cycling the world, towing his guitar and composing music on the way round.

Adventure Charity Cycle -

Group cycling UK routes, raising money for charity

Alistair Humphreys -

National Geographic Adventurer of the Year and an inspiration for my tour, no introduction needed.

Mark Beaumont -

Round the world cycling record breaker (and much more) who provided me some great advice and endorsed my book