Around the World by Bike: Every Inch of the Way

Hi, thanks for visiting my site. My name is Tom Bruce, I'm 26 and in March 2011, I set off from my home in Peckforton, Cheshire, England, to cycle unsupported around the world. My route took me from my front door, through France, Switzerland and Germany, to the Danube River, which I followed across Europe to the Black Sea. I cycled through Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan to the Caspian Sea, which I crossed on a Ferry to Kazakhstan. A long crossing of the Kazakh Steppe and the Karakalpakstan desert from Beyneu to Nukus brought me to Uzbekistan and next up was the high altitude Pamir Highway in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Then into Kazakhstan again before a 2 month crossing of China through Xinjang province, across the Tibetan Plateau, along the Yellow River, then via Xi'an to Beijing. After that I flew across the Pacific to tackle North America. I cycled across the USA from San Francisco to Florida via, California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi. I finished in Daytona Beach, Florida on the 16th December 2011 and flew home from Orlando Airport.
I used this website to keep in touch and now it's a place to tell my story and to pass on my experiences. Feel free to contact me if you want to, I'm happy to help if you're planning a tour. Check out my blog for my full story - I've tried to include some useful info for other cyclists in there too. Thanks so much to everyone who helped me out, people who gave me a bed for the night and the guys and girls who rode with me. I'd be happy to talk to any cyclist planning an expedition and offer my advice, so give me a call. I am also available to talk at events so please contact me using the details below. I am still collecting money for the charity that I did the ride for, SOS Children's Villages. If you would like to find out more about them or make a donation, please click here.

Tom Bruce


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